Top 10 Health and Nutrition Tips that are Actually Evidence Based

When it comes to health and nutrition, most of us get confused what to eat and what to leave. With this dilemma, we search for the foods on the internet that are really nutritious for our body. But, there we find a number of things that double up our perplexities. Without getting correct information or tips from the experts, some people start having their meals according to the information that they have collected. But, are you sure it really works? If you really think that it is, then we must say you are wrong.

To eliminate your entire dilemma, we are offering you some important tips that are based on evidence and make you healthy for the long run.

Tip no. 1 Avoid the intake of Sugar Calories

The drinks with sugar base are the most harmful things for your body. The reason behind is that the sugar related calories do not get registered by the brain likewise of the solid foods. They are the reason behind the diabetes, obesity and heart related problems. Replace your sugar drinks with fresh fruit juices.

Tip no. 2 Add nuts in your meal

Perfect for your heart and body, nuts are something that acts as incredibly nutritious foods. One can find the right balance of magnesium, fiber, vitamin E and different nutrients. If we talk about the studies, it is mentioned that the nuts play significant role in losing weight.

Tip no. 3 Keep a track on your food intake

It is scientifically proven that a calculated amount of food is helpful in losing the weight. When followed on the regular basis, this brings awareness and provides success in self monitoring.

Tip 4: Do not add processed junk food in your diet

The junk foods are regarded as the store rooms of the fat. It can make the people fatter and sicker. Basically, they work by triggering the brain and increase the urge of eating more even if there is no requirement.

Tip 5: Go for some amount of saturated fat

Do not get scared with the word ‘fat’. Sometime, the appropriate amount of saturated fat is helpful in increasing the level of HDL cholesterol that is considered as good for the body. Thus, overall it reduces risk of heart diseases.

Tip 6: Stay away from synthetic trans-fat

Known as man-made fats, trans-fat is totally related to the heart related diseases. As compared to the saturated fats, these are even worse. They are responsible for increasing the LDL cholesterols by lowering down the level of HDL.

Tip 7: Take enough sleep

Do not overrate this tip. It is important for you to take 7-8 hours of sleep a day. It is equally important as exercise and diet. If you are not having proper sleep, then it makes your body insulin resistance.

Tip 8: Regular drinking of water

Water has numerous benefits. It makes your body toxin free; bring a glow to your skin and much more. Overall, it increases your metabolism to 20-30%.

Tip 9: Never eat overcook food

This is so because it kills the nutrients and proteins of the food while raising the risk of cancer. So, avoid eating it.

Tip 10: Include lots of vegetables and fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of prebiotic fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that act as a blessing for your body.