Healthy Diet To Reduce Uric Acid in The Body

Today, we are going to share information about Uric Acid. What are the things you must take? What are the things you must avoid? What are the food items you must introduce?

Uric Acid:

Now, first of all, we will tell you what uric acid is. Uric acid is a medical condition. When more uric acid is formed inside the body, then people tend to depend on medication for its reduction. But, here we will tell you about the nutrition instead of medication that you can opt to prevent Uric acid. After following our diet tips, there will be no need for you to visit doctor.

Uric acid is formed when there is uric acid forming food in our body. It means there is a type of food in your body which is rich in purine. The natural process of our body is conversion or we can say breaking of purine into uric acid like it converts carbohydrates into glucose and protein into amino acids.

The amount of uric acid in our body is directly proportional on the purine in our body Uric acid gets dissolved in the blood. Kidney filters that uric acid and after that it comes out from our body through liquid waste (urine). What happens is, when there is more uric acid in the body, the kidney is unable to filter the whole uric acid, and the leftover unfiltered attaches itself around the joints like knee, toe in our body and causes swelling?

Problems due to uric acid: Uric acid causes many problems to human body like:

1. Kidney stone.
2. Kidney Damage
3. Swelling around the joints.
4. Pain in joints
5. Arthritis.

Now, you have to do two things:

1) To avoid food rich in purine.
2) To have food which helps in removing uric acid?

List of food rich in purine that you need to avoid:

1) Animal Based Food:

Organs of meat like the brain, kidney, heart of a chicken. Tuna also contains purine. Every animal food contains purine. So, these should strictly avoid these. If You are taking animal based food around 100gm a day, then you are safe, but if you are having more animal based food like 2-3 servings a day, then more purine will be generated in your body.

2) Spinach: You also have to drop spinach from your diet. It also produces purine.

3) Dried peas and beans.

4) Cauliflower: Similar to spinach, these should not be there in your diet.

5) Oats: Oats contains purine, and you should eliminate this from your diet.

6) Avoid beer: It is a high purine drink. As per the research it increases the uric acid in the body due to the presence of yeast in it. You can choose wine over beer.

Foods to add in your diet:

Drink: You have to take homemade drink daily in the morning and evening. Here is the procedure to make that drink:

• Take 1tbsp Apple cider vinegar.
• Water: 240ml
• You have to add 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar in water and have to drink it twice in a day
• Other than this, you can also add 1/2 tsp lemon in 240ml of water and drink this every day.
• In addition to this, you must drink 12-16 glass of water daily, whether you are working out or not.

Eggs: If you want to have protein in your diet, then you can have that protein from eggs as well. These do not produce purine and remember to eat an egg without the yolk.

Whey protein: If you are working out and want to have more protein than you can have that extra protein from whey protein as well.

Dairy products: Like low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt.

Cottage cheese: Get that protein from cottage cheese.

Citrus food: Apple cider vinegar, oranges, lemon, etc.

Oils: Although if it is not recommended to eat nuts when you are on a low purine diet, but according to some experts you can add oil made from the nuts. The oil can help in lowering down the uric acid in the body. For e.g. Olive oil or flaxseed oil

Other food items include:

Chocolate and cocoa
Peanut Butter

So, that’s all about how to reduce uric acid from our body. For more health tips Stay connected 🙂