Natural Ways to Remedy Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a very common type of fungal infection. Almost 3-15 percent of the population is suffering from this disease.
What is Athlete’s foot? This is the type of infection that is found on feet and toes. This is due to the fungi which cause the infection. What does this fungus do is, it feeds on the protein that is found in the skin called keratin.

Parts of the body where athlete’s foot can appear:

1) It can appear in the space between the toes. This is the most common place where people will find this problem.
2) The second place where these can appear is across the bottom of the foot, as well as the heels and soles.

Common symptoms and signs of Athletes foot: Here below are the most common symptoms of athletes foot include:

• Burning and itchiness around the toes.
• Flaky, cracked or torn skin on the toes that looks very dry.
• Redness around the toes or white coloring of the skin. In some cases, the skin can also become green also.
• The Stinky smell in the feet.
• Sometimes blisters or ulcers can form in severe cases. These can be found on the bottom of feet.

List of things that lead to athlete’s foot problem?

• If a person is coming into contact with infected items or people, like towels, a shower floor, or a swimming pool
• Wearing tight, damp shoes
• Overall bodily microbiome imbalance
• Poor immune system function


As you are familiar with the quote “Prevention is better than cure”. The best solution to a problem is not to avoid the problem. Here are some of the tips by which this problem can be reduced:

Wash towels: If you suspect any kind of infection or if you have used your towel in public places hen you must wash your towels properly.
Wear foot coverings: Cover your foot in the wet public places wherever it is possible.

Dry feet well: Make this a habit, dry your feet well at home or in public places also.

Monitor your microbiome:

You need to monitor your microbiome by having a healthy diet, avoiding good bacteria killing soaps and supplementing probiotics. You need to take care of your gut by having fiber-rich food in your diet.

Natural remedies for Athlete’s foot:

1) Apple cider vinegar Remedy:

This is best when used for heartburn or dandruff and it also one of the best remedies for this problem.
It is very beneficial against the fungus and yeast and people take it to keep the Candida in balance. You need to use high quality, unpasteurized version.
In a tub you need to mix them together:
½ cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of water. Then put your feet in water for half an hour.

2) Oil remedies:

There are some oils that can be used as a remedy against these fungi. Here below is the list of oils:

a. tea tree
b. lavender
c. oregano
d. thyme
e. geranium
f. clove

3) Topical Probiotics remedy:

As you are taking food rich in probiotics orally. You can also use probiotics in the infected area also:

Mix 1 tbsp of plain organic yogurt.
Add 1 caps of Saccharomyces boulardii (beneficial yeast)
Spread the solution on the infected area with cotton and sit for half an hour.

4) Internal probiotics remedy:

For internal probiotics remedy you need to take your food intake. You need to avoid excess starchy foods as well as sugar and need to focus more on nourishing food like sauerkraut and broth.
You also need to take food rich in Vitamin C, which can help in boosting up the immune system for fighting against infections.

So, that is the Natural Ways to Remedy Athlete’s Foot. For more health tips follow our website.