Ayurveda Tips To Improve Stamina And Endurance


Today’s fast-paced lives take a toll on one‘s health and well being. Not only the physical aspect of health is compromised, but also the emotional stress is increasing day by day. On the corollary, today’s professional commitment itself demands good endurance to keep up with it. Stamina is the ability of an individual to perform physical activity for a required amount of time in a good manner. Endurance is the ability to prolong stamina for longer periods of time. Regular moderate exercise along with consumption of vegetables and fresh fruits in the diet is essential to building up endurance.

Ayurveda offers good alternatives to build up one’s stamina and endurance. Ayurveda is an ancient form of Indian medicine which uses the inherent health providing goodness of herbs and uses it to augment one’s health. One more advantage of ayurvedic supplements is that these are 100% natural and devoid of any side-effects. The other conventional supplements are prone to degradation over time, some are steroidal and contain preservatives in them.

Some of the Ayurvedic Tips to improve stamina and endurance are:

# Diet regulation

Health is all about the type of diet taken. Try to take fresh fruits daily along with green leafy vegetables. Some good foods are pineapple, berries, nuts. Have a warm glass water of fresh lemon water along with honey in the morning. This provides vitamins, hydrates oneself and cleans up the digestive tract.

# Regular exercise

Stamina builds up with regular exercise. The key to stamina build up is a regularity. With regular exercise, especially the same time of day each day, the body builds stamina faster and gets tuned to perform physical activity more effectively. Ayurveda recommends to exercise daily early in the morning and calls this time as ‘Kapa’ period of the day. The body is stronger at this time and can effectively perform the physical activities. Exercising in the morning also increases the basal metabolic rate throughout the day and helps in burning calories.

# Breathing technique

With exercise, it is also important to develop an effective breathing technique. Ayurveda recommends deep breathing with breathing in from the nose and breathing out from the mouth. Deep breathing requires effective use of diaphragm which helps in fully expanding the lungs and makes more oxygen retrieval from air into the circulation.

# Exercising within limits

Its also more important to exercise in moderation. Excessive exercise puts a strain on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It also leads to the formation of free radicals which are harmful to the body. Ayurveda recommends the ‘balaardh’ principle which states using one’s half capacity and conserving the other half.

# Improve bowel habits

Ayurveda recommends exercising early in the morning on empty stomach. Constipation can compromise body’s ability to effectively exercise. Diet should include a good amount of fibers and fresh vegetables. A good digestive tract and regular bowel movements are helpful in performing regular exercises and building up stamina.

# Oil Massage

Massaging the body with herbal oils before exercise helps tone the muscles. It also improves circulation and helps in the better delivery of oxygen to the muscle tissues and draining out of by-products of metabolism thereby improving stamina along with a good compliment of exercise.

# Proper rest/sleep

With moderate exercise regularly, it is also important to rest and have a good night sleep. Ayurveda does not recommend to exercise in the evening as it interferes with the sleep cycle. A good night of sleep is necessary for providing adequate rest to the body muscles and allows time to heal and repair the body tissues worn out during exercise and during the day.

# Ashwagandha

The herb ‘Withania Somnifera’, Indian Ginseng better known as Ashwagandha is traditionally known to confer strength to the person consuming it. It is known to improve stamina and endurance and increase energy. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


# Brahmi

This herb is known for its antioxidant properties. It helps to drain out toxins and nourishes blood cells and nervous system cells. Thereby it increases the oxygen-carrying capacity and improve stamina

# Shilajit

It promotes vigor and improves stamina. It also relieves physical and mental stress.

# Shatavari

This herb helps improve stamina and energy and endurance. It also has antioxidant properties.

# Yoga/Meditation

A good way to regulate breathing pattern and improve stamina is regular yoga and meditation. Deep breathing exercises also improve stamina and endurance in the long run. Some of the effective yoga poses that help in building strength are: Navasana, Sitting Wide-Legged Straddle Pose, child’s pose, goddess pose, bridge pose.

Once you make these practices a part of your lifestyle, the amazing benefits that come along with them are surely going to take you by surprise. All these measures help to improve stamina and endurance and build up health in the long run. The important aspect is to make these a habit in daily routine and compliment exercise with a good diet and herbal supplements.