Are Energy Drinks Good or Bad For You?

Energy drinks contain caffeine and some other ingredients which help in providing energy to our body. These are nonalcoholic. They first appeared in Europe and Asia in the 1960’s.In 1962, a Japanese company launched ‘Lipovitan-D’. Hundreds of different brands are now marketed. The most popular brands are- Red Bull, Amp, Monster, Rock star, Cocaine, Pimp juice, Spike Shooter and Full throttle.

Target population-

  • Originally:

–     Athletes

  • Currently:

–      Teenagers and young adults

–    College student

–    Overworked individuals

–    Hip hop crowd

Each company promote their product not as caffeinated brews but as specially engineered blends that provide something more. For example, producers claim that “Red Bull gives you wings”

To declare any product as an energy provider it should provide 300kcal.

Current trend of energy drinks –

  • Energy drink consumption in the local market has increased for various reasons like

–      Due to the exaggerated benefits highlighted by promoters

–      Due to the fast paced lifestyles

–      To mix with alcohol

–       To show off

–       drink for more energy and alertness

  • Locally manufactured products such as “Wild Elephant”, “Blue” etc. are readily available.

Ingredients found in energy drinks-

  • Currently:

–      Caffeine

–    Ginseng

–    Taurine

–    Bitter Orange

–    Glucose

  • Additional ingredients:

–    Acidity regulators

–    Vitamins

–    Flavorings

–    Colors

Now, we all know everything that gives us energy, help us to step out of our bed would obviously be good for us, good for our health. But does that mean taking too much of it? Answer is obviously ‘NO’. Excess of everything is bad even if it’s beneficial for us. No doubt energy drinks have so much good about them but excess of it can cause some bad effects too like-

1. Heart problems:

Heart Problems

A research has shown that drinking 1-3 energy drinks has a direct impact on your heart and it also increases your blood pressure. It could lead to sudden cardiac death or irregular heartbeat. These problems arise because of excessive caffeine intake from such energy drinks. So, that’s why they should be consumed occasionally to keep your body free from heart problems.

2. Headaches and migraine:

The next problem that arises due to excessive intake of energy drinks are headaches and migraines. It is because of the caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

3. Insomnia:

These energy drinks contain caffeine that affects our sleep. It makes people insomniac, keeping them awake. Then due to lack of sleep body cannot function properly to our daily task.

4. Addiction:

A word that it gives us goose bumps. Addiction to anything is bad. Now we can think of what addiction to caffeine and energy drinks would be. This leads to lack of proper functioning of the body and person feels restless.

5. Vomiting:

It can lead to vomiting which further leads to dehydration in the body. It can also lead to acid erosion of teeth.

6. Diabetes:

Obviously anything which is excess in sugar will surely lead to diabetes. Further leading to increase in level of oxidative stress and inflammation. It mostly leads to type 2 diabetes.

Gain your energy in a natural way!

–    Consume nutritious food

–    Have adequate sleep

–    Reduce work load

–    Engage in daily exercise

–    Avoid smoking and limit alcohol

–    Have a balanced diet

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