7 Weight Loss Diet and Nutrition Tips for Men Over 40

Growing age brings several challenges and one of the biggest challenges is you can’t lose the weight so readily. The things that can be done at the age between 20 -30 might not possible after the age of 40. However, it is must deal with overweight, else it can lead to various health issues. If you have crossed 40 and willing to lose the weight, here are some weight loss tips for you –

1. Focus on the calories

Instead of reducing the weight, it is better to avoid the weight gain after the age of 40. As we age, metabolism slows and burn fewer calories. To control weight, focus on the calorie intake on a daily basis according to the activity level. Make sure you don’t consume more calories than you can burn.

2. Avoid alcohol

Is it your habit to open up the bottle of alcohol almost every day? Well, it is the time to say goodbye to this habit. Alcohol leads to various health issues and it is one of the main cause why people gain weight. Usually, people take meat and other unhealthy stuff with alcohol and put on some weight. If you can’t avoid the drink completely, try to limit yourself.

3. Go Vegetarian

It is the perfect time to ditch non-vegetarian food and increase the number of fruits, and vegetables, etc. People, who are on a plant based diet can shed more weight than those who intake meat and associated products.

4. Take protein

With the growing age, people experience age-related muscle loss. It is a natural process and the only way to avoid it is increasing the intake of protein. According to the experts, after the age of 40, people should include about 30-35 grams of protein in the daily diet. Eggs, milk and dairy products can be consumed every day to fulfill the need of this nutrient.

5. Get a sound sleep

To stay fit and young, the human body needs a special hormone called HGH (human growth hormone). The production of this hormone reduces with the growing age. HGH is released by the brain into the bloodstream while you are sleeping. If you are not taking good quality sleep for sufficient hours, your brain can’t produce this hormone in sufficient amount. Don’t compromise with your sleep when you seriously want to shed some weight.

6. Change your workout schedule

Metabolism level of the body decreases with age and it brings various changes in the body. Regular and right exercise is a great way to enhance the level of metabolism again. Change the routine and go for a higher intensity workout under the guidance of an expert. Allow your body to burn some calories through the workout.

7. Stay Active

Some certain hormone changes after 40, people store bad fat easily, especially women. Stay active in your 40 to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Go for a walk, enjoy a bicycling ride and run whenever you can. All these extra steps will help you to stay fit even after 40.

Hopefully, above-mentioned tips will help you to keep your weight in control after 4 decades of your life.