Sports Nutrition | Do Sports Drinks Work?

Getting fit is the newest trend among the people. Even if you are a professional athlete, a bodybuilder or one who is a fitness freak, you require keeping a check on your health. Having a proper diet is not enough; you also need to take the sports nutrition, which plays a major role. It is helpful in optimizing the overall effect of physical activity. Preparing a better schedule of your diet that includes appropriate nutrition and hydration is very important. Overall, it results in improving the performance, prevent any kind of injury and fasten the recovery. It is important to take only those sports nutrition that is unadulterated and safe to consume.

Significance of Sports Nutrition

For health conscious people, taking the right balance of drink and food is very essential. If you are a sportsperson, a balanced food and drink is required to be consumed to intake the calories.

Your body needs a proper amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate that work as a fuel and helpful in maintaining the energy. Muscle fatigue can also be prevented there is adequate intake of carbohydrate and proper monitoring is also done. The fats act as the source of energy and make you exercise for longer period of time. Also, they are used for the formation of the cell walls and helpful in building the hormones. Along with them, proteins are also the important part of the body. They are used as a source of energy and build the new muscle tissues.

For a healthy body, eating the right kind of food in the right amount is very important. The main motive of having sports nutrition is to:

  • Enhance the energy levels
  • Maintain the good health
  • Take care of the weight
  • Increase the concentration power
  • Helpful in body growth
  • Improve the recovery

Now, another important thing for the sports person is sports drinks. These are useful for keeping them hydrated throughout the day. The drinks are specially formulated and rich in carbohydrates and carbs. Apart from this, preservative and sweeteners are used in the formulation. Along with this, it also comprises of electrolytes that get flushed out from the body in the form of sweat. Taken as a whole, these kind of drinks are used for keeping a person re hydrated and eliminate the chances of fatigue at the time of exercise.

Sports drinks are available in three different types:

  1. Isotonic

In this, the concentration of salt and sugar is equal. Thus, the drink is helpful in replacing the lost fluid.

  1. Hypertonic

There is a higher level of salt and sugar in the body. Therefore, it is preferred to be taken after a workout.

  1. Hypotonic

The drink is consumed as it has a lower concentration of salt and sugar. Hence, it acts as a replacement of fluid lost at the time of exercise.

With lots of advantages, the debate of ‘Do sports drinks work’ never comes to an end. Leaving behind this, the study shows an increase in the consumption of Sport Drinks.