5 Amazing Healing Honey Facts

There are various natural consumable items that are easily available. One such type is honey, which people of all ages love to have in their diet. Honey is considered to be wonderful nourishment and is derived from the bees. Honey is well known for is sweetness and offering users with quick energy, thereby forming part of the diet.

Some of the amazing medical applications of honey

1. Helps to feed good bacteria

Within the honey crop, a bulge noticed between the bee’s gizzard and esophagus is present the lactic acid bacteria in huge amount that is considered to be beneficial. According to studies conducted on this particular aspect, it has been revealed that among all honeybee species there has been found a long history (>80 mya) association within any single insect. Raw honey as per the industry experts is said to feed good bacteria. Experimentally, it is in-vitro (petri-dish) conditions that it is demonstrated for increasing significantly the Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus acidophilus counts 10 to about 100 fold when compared with sucrose.

2. Helps fight MSRA (bad bacteria)

Medical literature has been claiming MRSA honey eradicating infection. MSRA stands for methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. A biofilm is produce to make it resistant specially to the conventional antimicrobial agents. MRSA that is biofilm associated is effective with honey and isolated from those patients noticed to be suffering from acute rhinosinusitus. 70% effectiveness is noticed to destroy MRSA especially involving chronic venous ulcers. At the same time, conventional antibiotics is said to synergize with manuka thereby isolating MRSA bacterial from its antibacterial action.

3. Destroys dental plaque forming bacteria

A special honey, Manuka honey is produced by Manuka flowers in Australia and New Zealand. It is noticed to be quite effective like that of chemical chlorhexidine gluconate, which is used often in mouthwash, to help reduce formation of plaque.

4. Can kill Herpes efficiently than Pharmaceutical

According to 2004 studies, topical honey has been found to be much better when compared to acyclovir drug (Zovirax). It offers treatment to genital herpes lesion and labial (lip). Studies have shown that the mean attack and pain duration for labial herpes, as well as healing time and crusting occurrence with treatment by honey were around 43%, 28%, 39% and 35%, when compared to acyclovir treatment. The same for genital herpes were around 59%, 49%, 50% and 53% than that of acyclovir. Even with repeated usage of honey, no side effects could be found. But, using acyclovir, few patients were noticed to develop local itching.

5. Safeguard against gastric damage

Aspirin and alcohol-indomethacin induced lesions can be prevented with honey.

The above are considered to be the five clinically experimented medical benefits derived from consuming honey on a regular basis. Honey does come with various demonstrable health related benefits. It is known to treat about 60+ symptoms and ailments that in itself a miracle. The truth is honey is a long used product by mankind and its significance is only growing with time.

Honey is known to come with various wonderful medicinal properties. There are more than five beneficial properties of consuming honey on a regular basis which one has to know to derive the benefits.