10 Complications of Diabetes that you need to know

The fact is the number of people being affected with diabetes is increasing at a fast pace. This is more due to the sedentary lifestyle led by people, lack of adequate exercise and rest and consuming wrong unbalanced food. If the plan is to avoid diabetes, then it will be useful to follow sincerely what the professionals have to recommend.

10 ways by which diabetes complications can be kept under control and avoided

1. Long term commitment towards managing the diabetes: It is necessary learn the fundamentals of diabetes care from the professionals like the dietitian, nurse or physician and get proper and timely support. A daily routine involving healthy eating habits and physical activity is to be considered.

2. Avoid smoking: Complications will only arise due to smoking which includes:

  • Heart disease
  • Eye disease
  • Stroke
  • Reduced flow of blood in feet and legs, leading to ulcers, infections, etc.
  • Kidney disease
  • Nerve damage

Hence, it is better to avoid smoking to avoid the above issues.

3. Keep cholesterol and blood pressure under check: Blood vessels can be damaged due to high BP. People suffering from diabetes can face life threatening conditions due to high cholesterol in body. Hence, it will be useful to consume only reduced fat, healthy diet and to exercise regularly.

4. Undergo regular eye and physical exams: In a year, at least two checkups are to be undergone besides the yearly routine and physical eye exams. The physician during physical examination is likely to enquire about the patient’s activity and nutrition level, check for complications, etc.

5. Getting vaccines on time: The immune system is likely to get weakened due to high blood sugar. Therefore, routine vaccination is an absolute must.

6. Flu vaccine: It is possible to stay healthy by availing the annual flu vaccine and avoid serious complications that may arise during the flu season.

7. Pneumonia vaccine: At times, just a single shot is required for pneumonia vaccine. In case, the person is 65 and older or has serious diabetes complications, then a 5 year booster shot is what is required.

8. Hepatitis B vaccine: This vaccine is strongly recommended by the health experts for those adults suffering from diabetes and not having received it previously. They are to be younger than sixty. In case, the person is sixty and above and has not availed hepatitis B vaccine, then discussing with the physician will be the right step to be taken.

9. Other vaccines: Tetanus shot is to be taken regularly and get the physician recommended vaccines.

10. Maintaining care of the teeth: Gum infections may be caused due to diabetes. Hence, the teeth are to be brushed twice a day and the teeth is to be flossed once a day. Dental exams are to be scheduled twice a year. If the gums appear swollen, red or bleed, then the dentist is to be visited.

The above are the ten complications and care that can be taken to control and prevent diabetes from taking a serious turn.