10 Food Items That Are Helpful In Curing Fiver and Cold

Fever is quite common that is cause due to bacterial infections, viral and heat strokes and other reasons. Usually, it takes two to three days to recover from fever normally with some medicines. Often fever comes with cold and weakness. If you have a really high temperature and severe cold, you can consult to the doctor. To recover quickly and strengthen the immune system, it is important to take care of diet during fever. Here are some food items that can help to cure fever.

1. Soup – Vegetable soup provides the fluids that help your body to fight with various viruses. Blend of healthy vegetables is helpful in reducing the inflammation that leads to cold and fever. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can go for chicken soup. It is better to prepare soup at home or can try ‘ready to cook’ soup. Have a bowl of hot veggie soup in fever and cold to recover quickly.

2. Indian Gooseberry – Most people experience weakness during fever and cost. Gooseberry can boost the energy level. It has vitamin C, protein, and carbohydrates in rich amount that make the immune system stronger. You can eat with honey or go for gooseberry juice.

3. Figs – This delicious fruit actually contains fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, and iron. It helps to heal a sore throat and can give you relieve in pain vocal cords caused by cold. You can find dried figs easily in the market.

4. Ginger – Ginger is a super food that works magically in cough and cold. Loaded with sesquiterpenes, it is a natural fever reducer. It helps you to get relaxed when you have fever and cold. You can chew ginger with some honey or can add dried ginger powder in the tea. The ginger root can also be bowled with tea to get relief in body pain and fever.

5. Black pepper – This herb or spice is famous for its anti-fever and pain-relieving attributes. It gives instant help in cold and cough. You can mix black pepper with ginger and vinegar.

6. Hot tea – Take some antioxidants with green or black tea. Take it hot and sip slowly. Inhale its steam; it will relieve your cold and fever. It is better to take herbal tea to avoid caffeine.

7. Red wine – It contains resveratrol and polyphenols that control the growth of cold and flu viruses in your body. Have a glass of red wine and you will feel better. People, who don’t drink can take it as syrup or try some grape leaves.

8. Honey – Another easily available food that can help you to heal quickly. As it covers the throat, it works as a great throat reliever. In addition, it fights with various bacterial and virus infections.

9. Citrus Fruits – Fruits loaded with Vitamin C can effectively trim down cold symptoms. Apart from citrus fruits, you can get Vitamin C from broccoli, papaya, tomatoes and other fruits.

10. Garlic – Garlic contains allicin that allows your body to fight with bacteria, viruses and fungi, etc. Add some clove in your soup, take it like pills or chew the cloves to get relief in cold and fever.