Top list of food items to build stamina or Endurance


Alike as car need petrol/diesel to move similar to car our body needs some fuel to remain active. Your strength or endurance all depends upon your fuel i.e. food. If you are providing good food to your body, then your body will stay active for the whole day.

If you are an athlete or you, go for the workout, or you play some game for a very long time. Then you must have some food items that can provide you energy to improve your stamina and performance. The more the stamina, the more you can perform any physical activity.

Food items to build stamina or Endurance

So here is the list of food items which can help in boosting up the stamina:

1) Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates Food

Now, the carbs are of two types:

  •   Simple carbohydrates: These are highly digestive and have an instant effect on our body.
  •    Complex carbohydrates: These are slow to digest, but these provide endless energy for a very long time. These are the source of energy for the whole day. These are slow digesting carbohydrates.

Here we need only complex carbs to build our stamina. When we have carbs, then it gets converted into glycogen. If you are performing some physical activity, then that glucose can be used correctly. If you are not performing any action, then it gets converted into waste regarding fat, and some come out from your body in the form of stool.

Now here is the list of food items from where you can have complex carbs:

Oatmeal:  If you add these in your breakfast then these can provide energy to your body for the whole day. Almost all the athletes have these in their breakfast. These are slow digesting and high in carbs. You can add so many things with these same berries, cinnamon, nuts, and beans.

1 cup of raw oat contains 54gm of carbs. It has 0-sugar, 0-sodium, and 0-cholestrol.

Peanut Butter: In the nuts, you can have two spoons of peanut butter. You can have this with brown bread. It contains healthy fat. These are also slow digesting. It will provide energy when you are performing any activity.

Sweet potatoes: 240gm of this contain 45 gm of carbs, This can be taken after completing the workout to provide constant energy for a longer period.

Beans: You can add 1 cup of bean in your lunch from different beans like

Chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, lentils. Add one serving before going for the workout, and these will provide enough energy to perform the activity.

2) CaffeineCaffeine

This is the second ingredient on our list. You can have 1 cup of black coffee before 20-40 min of workout. This will help in providing concentration and a sudden pump to our body.

3) Banana


100gm of banana contains 89 calories. These contain fiber and provide instant energy to perform any physical activity. You can have banana 20-30 minutes before going for the workout.

4) Beet Juice


Beet juice can be taken before going for a workout; This provides a tremendous amount of energy to the body. It is rich in Vitamin-c, a and e.

5) Whey proteinfood rich in purine

If you want, then you can also add some supplements to your diet. These are the add-on, your diet will do the main work these are just to give a slight push.

  • Potassium 358 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 23 g    7%
  • Dietary fiber 2.6 g    10%
  • Sugar 12 g
  • Vitamin C    14%
  • Vitamin B-6    20%

So, that was all on the Top list of food items to build stamina or Endurance. For more health tips Stay Connected