Is Soya Chunk Healthy Or Not?

Soya Chunk Healthy or not

Now, in bodybuilding or our day to day life. We need protein to build our muscles and to repair the broken tissues during the workout. We can have protein from various sources either from vegetarian food or no vegetarian food like eggs, fish, beef, and chicken and some dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. Now, if you want plant-based protein food, then you can have Soya Chunk.

Soya Chunk is an excellent source of protein. Lots of people ask that they are vegetarian, I do not eat eggs or not able to buy supplements, As soya chunk comes from the soy family. Now, when oil is extracted from soya beans then left part are the soya chunks. Fat is removed from the soybeans interns of oil; remaining left is protein and carbs. Now, this is mostly used in India. This is used in almost every house in India.

Nutrition Facts:

  •    100 gm of Soya Chunk contains 345 calories
  •    Total Carbohydrates: 33g (11%)
  •    Dietary Fiber: 13gm (52%)
  •    Protein: 52gm (104%) which is very enormous
  •    Iron (111%)
  •    Calcium (35%)
  •    Total Fat 0.5gm (1%)
  •    Cholesterol: 0

In every 5gm protein, you get 3gm of carbs means bioavailability is less in it. It is not the lean source of protein. If we compare it with eggs or chicken, then we can get lean protein from them. But here in Soya chunks protein to carb ratio is very high. We can also get fiber from it which is good for reducing LDL. There is no sodium here, so it is good for people suffering from blood pressure problem.

Now, the thing comes in everyone’s mind is whether to take or not. If yes then in how much quantity?

Soya Chunks are rich in phytoestrogen. Phyto is a Greek word means plan. It raises the estrogen level inside the body, which is not suitable for men. For men the main hormone is testosterone. If consumption of soya is greater than estrogen level will be high in your body and it lead to the reduction in the testosterone level inside the body. This will lead to hormone imbalance and a cause of Man Breast problem.

How much quantity to have in a day?

For men- 25-30gm of protein can have from Soya Chunks. It will not raise estrogen in your body.  You can add Soya chunks to your diet at any time. Only 25gm protein intake must be there. But if you have soya milk, soya beans or any other soy products every day and you are having 70-80 gm of protein only from soy products then it is not safe for you. It will lead to increase in estrogen and decrease in testosterone from the body.

One serving (50 gm) a day is safe for health. If it is taken in adequate amount, then it is good for your health.

Health Benefits of Soya Chunks?

1)    Good for high blood pressure patient.

2)    Cholesterol benefits.

3)    Helps in proper digestion

4)    Helps in proper absorption of food

5)    Source of Vitamins.

So, that’s all about soya chunk. These are the good source of protein and are good for health if taken in adequate amount. Regular intake of these may lead to imbalance hormone problem. For more health tips. Stay Connected