Top 10 Pre-Workout Food Items

Pre Workout Food Items

What should you eat before going to the gym? It solely depends upon your goal, whether you want to lose fat or build muscle.  If you want to lose fat: Then you eat protein and carbs, Because protein will help your body to be in the anabolic state. It helps in repairing broken muscle tissues during workout At the time of exercise your body need energy, for that you need to eat carbs. If you want to lose fat, then don’t take food that contains fat. PS: You must eat your pre-workout food 90min before

PS: You must eat your pre-workout food 90min before a workout Because food takes some time to digest. If your stomach is full during a workout, then it can lead to breathing problems. If you went to workout without having pre-workout food then You muscle will become weak, and you will not be able to concentrate on the workout. So, you need some pre-workout food items to eat. Here below is the list of pre-workout food items.

Top 10 pre-workout food items.

1. Bananas

These are the most important part of the pre-workout food, as bananas are rich in carbohydrates which in turn help in providing energy to our body. It also contains potassium and sodium. A one or two bananas can be taken 45 mins before the workout.

2. Peanut Butter

This also contains necessary carbs which help in providing instant energy to the body. It is available in almost every shop.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine can also be taken before the workout. It can be taken before 30-45mins of the workout. It helps in providing a full stack of energy and helps in full concentration and focus on the exercise.

4. Eggs

These are also helpful in providing energy and protein to our body. Two whole eggs and 2-3 white eggs accompanied with the two whole eggs are enough to provide a full stack of energy and repairing of broken muscle tissues.

5. Pre-workout proteinfood rich in purine

If you have not sufficient time to eat or to make all these things, then what you can simply do is, you can have a scoop of pre-workout protein.

6. Protein bars

You can purchase ready-made protein bars from the local store, or you can make them in your home also, by using dry fruits and all the other stuff.

7. Whole Grain Bread

A full whole grain bread contains 20gm of carbohydrates. Please does not use white bread. It does not contain any proteins and carbs and nutrients. Only use whole grain bread.

8. Sweet Potato

There is a difference between a regular potato and sweet potato. Sweet potato is one of the best forms of complex carbohydrates. Sweet potato is the best and the cheapest carbohydrates. Your body needs more complex carbohydrates. You will never get ill if you eat complex carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes contain a right amount of healthy protein.

9. Whole Grain Brown Rice

It is full of nutrients. It contains all the necessary nutrients and fibers which are very helpful or our body. Nothing is extracted from it. Brown rice contains 38gms of carbohydrates per bowl.

10. Fruit Smoothies

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You can make homemade fruit smoothies by using berries, chia seeds, dry fruits and many other things as per your need.

So, that’s all about what are the food items that can be taken before the workout, to increase focus and concentration and to have a constant energy to perform the exercise. For more health tips, Stay tuned.