Top 10 Post-Workout Food Items

Post Workout Diet

Why we need post-workout food? Here we will be going to tell you all about this in detail  – After exercise, that is the most critical window, we also say it as recovery time. Many of the people do not care about their post workout meal, and here after following all the schedules, they fail to build their body. Your body need immediate recovery after the exercise.

When we workout at the gym, at that time our muscle tissues got broken. So, after the workout, we need some food to repair that tissue so that in the next 24 hour of recovery, it recovers as fast as possible. To do that we need to provide amino acid after the workout, for that we need to provide some food to our body. So, here below are the list of food items that must be taken:

Top 10 post-workout food items.

1) Fish

Fish is the lean source of protein. By the term lean means, it does not contain any fats. Like in white fish it contains Omega3, which is very essential fatty acid. Omega 3 is essential for our heart.

2) Chicken Breast

Here I am only talking about the chicken breast, not the whole chicken. The whole chicken contains fats, the bad cholesterol. But chicken breast is the lean source of protein. It does not contain any fats and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates and the fats are 0 in chicken breast. You can take 100gm of the chicken breast after your workout.

3) Egg Whites

One of the cheapest protein source. A whole egg contains 5gm of fat and 6gm of protein. White eggs contain amino acids which are necessary for body building. Please do remember to eat only white eggs, i.e., without the yolk.

4) Post-workout proteinfood rich in purine

If you are a beginner, then you can take one scoop of whey protein, and if you are at an advanced level, then you can take two scoops of whey protein after your workout. You can make any brand’s whey protein.

5) Protein Bars

You can purchase ready-made protein bars from the local store, or you can make them in your home also, by using dry fruits and all the other stuff.

6) Greek yogurt

This is also the primary source of protein. You can get a good amount of protein from the yogurt.

7) Broccoli

This is also the main source of protein. It contains additional vitamins and minerals. You can make a healthy vegetable snack by adding broccoli. You can get these easily in markets.

8) Almonds

Big things can come in small packages. Almonds provide an excellent source of protein and fat, but it’s their vitamin E content that is most beneficial for your muscles.

9) Whole grain cereal

Only opt for whole grain cereal, because it contains complex carbs. Opt for a high-protein, High-fiber, low-sugar cereal, like Kashi Golean, which offers 30 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber.

10) Beef

Beef is also a high source of protein and amino acid. You can also take 100gm of beef after your workout to get a high dose of lean protein.

So, that’s all about the list of food items that can be taken immediately after the workout. These are needed to be taken immediately like whey protein and some of them after 1 hour of the workout. For more food and health tips, Stay tuned 🙂