Top 10 Food Items To Naturally Grow Body Muscles

Food Items To Naturally Grow Body Muscles

Today, I am going to tell you about ten food items that can be used to grow body muscles.  These are mine top picks.  Now, what do you need to build muscle?  We need protein to build our muscle.  Technically it is proved that it’s all about your diet. Exercise is only the 30% part; rest 70% part is all our food, instead of hitting hard in the gym. You must eat healthy food and focus more on a diet. Here, we will provide the list of top 10 foods which are helpful in naturally growing body muscle.

Top 10 food items to naturally build body muscles.

1) Fish

Fish is the lean source of protein. By the term lean means, it does not contain any fats. Like in white fish it contains Omega3, which is very essential fatty acid. Omega 3 is essential for our heart. So, fish can be your primary source of protein.

2) Chicken Breast

Here I am only talking about the chicken breast, not the whole chicken. The whole chicken contains fats, the bad cholesterol. But chicken breast is the lean source of protein.  It does not contain any fats and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates and the fats are 0 in chicken breast.

3) Egg Whites

One of the cheapest protein source. A whole egg contains 5gm of fat and 6gm of protein. Please consider do not take more than two whole eggs a day, because whole egg contains cholesterol also. White eggs contain amino acids which are necessary for body building. Do remember only eat white eggs, remove yolks from them.

4) BeansProtein food for the vegetarian

These are also an excellent source of protein and are helpful in building muscles. In beans, we can include black beans, red beans, chick peas. Beans contain protein but at the same time carbohydrates are available in the second amount. It is not a lean protein. For, e.g., if it contains 7gm of protein then it contains 14gm of carbs. But it contains a lot of fibers which are useful in digestion.

5) Whey proteinfood rich in purine

You can also have any whey protein. Remember the whey protein are only the 10% of our diet.

6) Soya Beans

You can also take soya bean, but these must be taken in very minimal amount. Because it contains a female hormone called estrogen, which are not good for health.

7) Beef

This is also the primary source of lean protein. It is also rich in nutrients and vitamins. 3oz of beef can provide the same amount of protein as given by 1.5 cups of beans.

8) Cheese

Here the other that hits our list is the cottage cheese if you want pure casein protein than cottage cheese is there for you. It also contains necessary nutrients and vitamins like vitamin b12.

9) Fruits and vegetables

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Many of the fruits like pomegranate-a antioxidant, banana-rich in carbohydrates, sodium, and potassium, oranges-rich in vitamins and minerals, similarly apples. If we talk about vegetables, then green vegetables are the way to attain body muscles.

10) OatMeal

food rich in purine

These also provide essential and healthy carbohydrates, typically complex carbs. These are helpful in fat loss and contains so many carbs that it helps in providing consistent energy to our body throughout the day.

If you eat all the above things by making a right combination in your daily five meals. Then there will be no single chance that you will not be able to grow your muscle. Every given food item will provide you around 40gm of protein. Please take in mind; you must eat fish two times a week. For more health tips. Stay tuned.