10 Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Here, we are not talking about the sugary juices which are available in the market. Instead, we are going to discuss about the fresh juices which are hundred percent healthy and reliable, made of different fruits and vegetables without any addition of artificial sweetness. This will not only be healthy but help you in losing weight gradually via detoxification. It also takes care of the right amount of vegetables and fruit serving that one should consume on per day basis. It also helps in rejuvenation of skin, lower blood sugar level and improves nutrient absorption.
Following are some of the juice recipes which are highly effective in weight loss

#1. Green Detoxification Juice

Take 2 green apples, cut into pieces, few stalks of celery (1-3) without leaves, 1 cucumber, kale leaves (6-8), half piece of lemon, one piece of fresh ginge and some mint leaves; Put all these ingredients into an electric juicer and process into juice. Make sure all ingredients are washed properly before usage.

#2. Carrot Apple Juice

Take one large apple cut into pieces, few pineapple chunks, two large carrots, and two pieces of fresh ginger, mix all ingredients and process into juice in the electric juicer. A freshly prepared delicious carrot apple is ready to get served.

#3. Beetroot juice

Take 1 beetroot, two leaves of red cabbage, half a lemon, few pieces of pineapple, one handful of spinach leaves and one whole orange; mix them in a blender and enjoy! It is relishing and cleanses toxicity of the liver.

#4. Red detox recipe

Take few leaves of spinach, half lemon, one jalapeno, two stalks of celery, five large carrots and one beetroot. Grind them into juicer. It is a tangy drink that aids losing weight.

#5. Apple lemon juice

Take two lemons which are peeled and made into half, four apples cut into pieces, two cucumbers cut into pieces and one cup of water. Blend all these ingredients into juicer. A relishing drink will be ready.

#6. Spinach lemon juice

In addition to one cup of spinach and one lemon, add two stalks of celery, four kale leaves, one piece of ginger and two apples for making a delicious detoxifying drink.

#7. Wheatgrass juice

Add to sticks of celery, half medium cucumber, few leaves of spinach, one slice of orange, two ice cubes to one teaspoon of wheatgrass powder. Make a juice out of these ingredients, a pure green chilled super juice is ready.

#8. Kale juice

Add three leaves of kale, one fuji apple, half a lemon which is unpeeled, one cucumber and handful of parsley leaves into mixer jar and blend. Kale juice is ready.

#9. Ginger apple juice

Mix one green apple, half a lemon, ginger root, three handful of spinach into blender; you are ready to go for the spicy mixture.

#10. Chia juice

Take three collard greens, one cucumber, one fuji apple, one romaine lettuce head, half a lime and one tablespoon chia seeds, mix them in a juicer, you will get a fully healthy drink mixture for yourself!