Nutrition Tips: How to make healthier food choices

A great health can make lots of differences in your life. If one is fit physically, his mental well being is also taken care of. Therefore it is necessary to eat right in day to day life and take care of body health. There are lots of choices for food items in the market and we should try to make smarter choices that add towards benefitting our health. Junk food and sugar should be avoided to the maximum and replacing them with freshly homemade food items is the best choice.

Let us discuss in detail how we can make healthier food choices:

# 1. Drink lots of water first thing in the morning:

Before we take about solid food, it should be kept in mind that water is very essential for the body to perform various activities like metabolism, detoxification and bowel system. Therefore, including the mornings, one should drink enough water up to 3-4 litres per day. This helps in regulating all functions of the body.

# 2. Include maximum vegetables and fruits in diet:

Instead of processed items and junkies, try your best to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain wholesome vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required for repairing of wear and tear of body cells and functions. Colourful vegetables and fruits like bell peppers, gourds, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, apple, berries, etc. help in keeping your body healthy.

#3. Replace white flour products with whole grain products:

Whole grain is very good for body. They contain fiber, are easily digestible and reduce health risk, helps in loss of weight. These are far better than refined grains products like white bread, pasta, oatmeal, tortillas, etc. All of these food items made out of whole grain should be chosen in daily lives. This will improve your choice of food and help you manage good health. A steady step can take you towards smart life.

4. Eat good amount of protein and Calcium:

Decreasing food amount for weight loss doesn’t mean you decrease in protein and calcium. Body strengthening is important to help you keep going and not feel tired whole day. Protein helps in repairing muscles and body building. Calcium helps in strengthening bones required to produce energy. Therefore protein sources like legumes, chicken, egg, fish, etc. and calcium sources like milk and curd are very much essential to the body. Do not escape these in your diet.

5. Avoid unhealthy food items:

The best way to maintain a good health is avoiding unnecessary food items and stressing your body for their regular functions. All processed and junk food are very harmful for your health. Therefore, just to get satisfaction for short time, one should not neglect the long time disadvantages of this kind of food stuff and advantage of fruitful products. One should try his or her best to prevent oily, sugary and too much spicy food items from the diet. This will assist in maintaining a healthy and hearty body for longer term and for lifetime.