Ideal Diet Before and After Workout | Fitness Tips

In the rat race that people participate in the name of ‘life’, time and health have become the two most sought-after necessities now. A lack of healthy lifestyle means falling behind others in the race of success. Hence, gyms and workouts have become the best of friends in an individual’s life. But an ideal diet is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle.

There is a common notion amongst the people that being thinner means being healthier. Therefore people have a tendency to shun away from regular meals. Meals before hitting the gyms are given a miss. This affects the body in a worse way than gaining weight. Also working out without adequate food can lead to low blood pressure and an increased chance of heart attack. It is not advisable to gorge on foods like a glutton. However moderate proportion of food at regular or prescribed intervals lead to a healthy life, and also help in keeping the weight and obesity in check.

  • Diet before workout

Ideal Diet  Before Workout

Workout should never be done in an empty stomach. This leads to ‘muscle loss’ with the fat burning rate remaining same. Muscle loss is a symptom in which the body draws proteins from the muscle rather than from kidneys and livers, due to empty stomach. Therefore at least before half an hour, a light meal should be eaten. This meal may include-

  1. Vegetable or fruit salad in small quantities. You can add chicken if you want but in moderate proportions.
  2. Apple and walnuts.
  3. Oatmeal (1/2 cup) with berries (1 cup).
  4. Multi-grain crackers
  5. Banana with almond butter.
  6. Whole wheat bread toast (4psc maximum)
  7. Eggs
  8. It enhances the performance
  9. Yoghurt

The time gap should be noted very carefully. Less gap of time might make you feel giddy and sick. Further the amount of food intake depends upon the type of workout. For heavy workouts salad and caffeine do wonders. Not all of the above foods are required to be taken simultaneously before work out. Choose alternatively amongst the above options and exercise correctly.

  • Diet after workout

Ideal Diet After Workout

Intake of water or any other drink should be strictly avoided during the workout session. Unquenchable thirst should either be controlled or a sip or two can be allowed. Post workout fatigue should necessarily be met with a diet rich in protein and some carbohydrates or some protein shakes. As during the exercise the body burns a lot of fat and calories, therefore there is a greater need of refueling. The post workout diet, therefore should commence some 10 minutes after the session is completed. If the diet can be started with a milk-protein shake, the outcome is really good. Otherwise, some post workout meals are-

  1. Protein shakes with banana. If almond milk can be used, it will be very helpful.
  2. Multigrain breads
  3. During summer, post-workout meal can commence with orange juice or cool sugarcane juice.
  4. Salad with roasted chickpeas (1/2 cup) and light olive oil
  5. Lunch can include rice or chapattis in the advised proportions. Meals should include lots of vegetables, especially green vegetables.
  6. A vegetable omelet with avocados is also beneficial.
  7. Milk chocolate can also be taken.
  8. Cereals

Immediately after workout, the intake of any type of junk food should be avoided. It not only induces calorie and fats in the body, but the toxins generated may harm the body even more.