5 Impressive Health Benefits of Acai Berries

These are the Brazilian super fruit. They are stapled food in the Amazon region. Now a time Acai berries got popularity due to its various health benefits. It packs a lot of nutrition value and has many health benefits associated with it, some of them are written here in this article.

What are Acai berries?

These are the type of fruit which is grown on Acai palm tree in the rainforest of South and Central America. These are around 2.5cm or 1inch in a size and have yellow flesh surrounding a large see and have dark purple skin.

They are technically not a berry because of the presence of pit like in the olives and the apricots. But they are referred to as berries. They also possess to have a very short shelf life and are not available outside of where they are grown. They are exported as a dried powder; frozen fruit puree or pressed juice.

1)    They are rich in nutrition:

Acai berries are rich in fat and are low in sugar. Now here below is the nutritional breakdown of 100 gram of frozen fruit pulp:

  • Calories: 70
  • Fat: 5 grams
  • Saturated fat: 1.5 grams
  • Carbs: 4 grams
  • Sugar: 2 grams
  • Fiber 2 grams
  • Vitamin A: 15% of the RDI
  • Calcium: 2% of the RDI

As per the studies, it is found that these berries also contain some traces of iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, chromium.

2)    Loaded with antioxidants:

As you all are familiar with this that our body produces free radicals which cause many health problems, now antioxidants help in neutralizing the damaging effect of these free radicals.

If these are not neutralized then they can cause many health problems like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. These have an incredibly high amount of antioxidants in it. The pulp of Acai is the better source of antioxidants.

3)    May improve cholesterol levels:

In some studies on the animals, it is found that these berries help in reducing the LDL and total cholesterol from the body and it is almost possible that it can have the same effect in the humans as well.

4)    They may have anti-cancer effect:

Cancer is s disease which can never be shielded as there is no such kind of food are available but Acai berries help in stopping the formation of cancer cells and also stops it from spreading.

This anti-cancer effect is initially observed when these berries are tested on the animals. In mice, Acai pulp reduced the incidence of bladder cancer and colon.

5)    Can boost brain function:

In Acai, some of the plant compounds are present which can help your brain in protecting from any kind of damage. As these were tested on the animals like rats.

The antioxidants present in Acai react to the oxidation in the brain cells and the damaging effect of inflammation, which can negatively affect learning and affect memory.

Drawbacks to Acai berries:

Now above were the benefits of Acai that it is rich in some nutrients, helps in boosting memory, helps in preventing cancer, helps in improving cholesterol levels in the body. Now it has some drawbacks also which can also be taken into consideration.

Never overestimate its associated health claims, as all the initial search is small and had done on the animals itself. Now if you are buying pre-processed then always look on the ingredient list ad do check it does not have an extra ingredient like sugar.

So, this was all about 5 Impressive Health Benefits of Acai Berries

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