Chocolate: 7 health benefits of Dark Chocolate

Benefits Of Dark Choclate

About 90 percent people living on this planet love to eat chocolate. It is not just any chocolate there are several varieties that are often known as “super foods.” Here we are talking about dark chocolate, which is the truly healthy form of chocolate but only if you pick the right products. You might be thinking that how dark chocolate is good for a person’s health, and in general, is chocolate good for intake? Well in this article we are going to tell you all dark secrets about dark chocolate and how the benefits of dark chocolate can add up sweetness to your life.

On an average, a person consumes around about 12 pounds of chocolate each year, and over $75 billion is seen to be spent annually on chocolate products.

There is a host of medically proven ways in which dark chocolate which contains a cocoa percentage of about seventy percent or more is really good for health.

7 health benefits of Dark Chocolate

The continuous researches are being gone on, and experts have already come to a conclusion that chocolate is good for the heart circulation and proper functioning of the brain. Also, it has been suggested by doctors, that it is beneficial in major heath challenges that include autism, obesity, diabetes, etc.

#1 Potential for Cancer Prevention

It may be difficult for you to believe in this fact, but the tasty dark chocolate you eat and love is proven help people ward off cancer symptoms. Yes, that is perfectly right that one of the major benefits of dark chocolate is the potential that it has as a cancer-fighting food.

Studies have on the cancer protective properties have come on to a conclusion of cocoa that the evidence about this fact is no doubt limited but are suggestive. Other recent reviews and studies should be conducted on chocolates’ role for cancer protection, concluded that its various properties provide a kind of strong antioxidant effects in the body along with a pleasurable eating experience.

#2 Good for Overall Cholesterol Profile

The cocoa butter which is majorly found as an ingredient in dark chocolate contains equal amounts of oleic acid which are a healthy for the heart, monounsaturated fat which is also found in olive oil, amounts of stearic and palmitic acids. Researchers have shown that stearic acid performs a neutral effect on cholesterol which means that it neither raise it nor lower it.

#3 It reduces the risk of stroke

Studies have shown that consumption of chocolate lowers down the risk of suffering a stroke by a higher percentage of about 17 percent.

#4 It’s good for your skin tone

Dark chocolate contains sufficient amounts of flavonoids that help in protecting the skin against sun damage through harmful UV rays.

#4 It can help you lose weight

We know that this fact is difficult for you to digest but this is the truth: “Chocolate can help you lose weight”.

Neuroscientists have shown in their recent studies that a small square piece of dark chocolate triggers the hormones in the brain that say “I am full”. This thought helps in cutting the amount of food a person consume.

#5 Chocolate is good for the functioning of brain

As we have discussed before, chocolate contains flavones and its corresponding qualities have been found beneficial in treating brain injuries such as concussion. It helps in smooth functioning of the brain by relaxing the tissues.

#6 Dark Chocolate Improve Blood Flow and Lowers Blood Pressure

Many controlled trials have been carried out that shows that cocoa and dark chocolate helps in improving blood flow and lowering the blood pressure.