Top 10 Food Items to Gain Body Weight

Weight Gain Diet

Many of the people nowadays want to shred their body as much as they can, as their mindset is to attain lean body or body like a fitness model. But, on the other hand, some want to gain weight. So, for them, we are going to tell you about our top 10 picks that you must add in your daily diet to attain body mass or gain weight. To gain weight we need to have more carbs in our diet, some people try to add bad food in their diet to gain weight, like they eat junk food and starts feeding their body with bad muscle mass. But here we want to gain weight, instead of bad muscle mass, our primary focus will be on the clean muscle mass gain. So, here we are going to list all the food items that can help you gain weight:

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Top 10 food items to gain body weight:

#1 Fruits

food rich in purine
food rich in purine

As to increase size we need more carbs. The list of fruits that we are picking up is here below. In all these fruits you can have 25gm of carbs, and these all are high in calories.

A) Banana: Almost available every time of the year. It is essential food to gain muscle mass. It is also rich in potassium which helps in flooding out waste. It also contains electrolytes.

B) Pineapple: Same here in this case, almost available for 365 days. It contains vitamin c and also helpful for the reproductive system. You can add this in your snack.

C) Mango: Along with carbs, it also contains many vitamins and also helps in building our immune system strong.

#2 Oats

food rich in purine

These must be there in your daily diet. It is best because it has 0-sugar, 0-cholestrol 0-sodium.Anyone who wants to gain muscle must eat these at least a single time a day. It is the number one pick by us.1 cup of raw oat contains 54gm of carbs.

#3 Sweet Potato

It is best for gaining weight. It is one of the best sources of carbs and can be taken after 1 hour of workout. It also helps in other problems like diabetes or bad cholesterol and also our second best pick. It is necessary for mass gain. 240 gm of this contain 45 gm of carbs.

#4 Brown Rice

Many of the people go for white rice. But white rice does not provide any nutrients. Brown Rice helps in restraining the insulin level of the body and also helps in protecting your body against diseases. You can take for lunch and dinner.

#5 Chicken Breast

This is rich in protein and also helps in gaining muscle mass. You can add this to your daily diet. Just 100gm of grilled chicken is more than enough for a day.

#6 Eggs

These are also the great source of protein, and we can easily get good cholesterol from its yolk. You can take two whole eggs a day. But No more than two whole eggs, due to their richness in cholesterol. But you can have as many egg whites as you can.

#7 Almonds

You can take almonds after the workout. These small packages are proved to be very beneficial for health as these contain carbs and vitamin E also. These contain magnesium and healthy fats.

#8 Whole grain pasta

These contain antioxidants and carbs which help in providing a shield to the body against diseases and helps in gaining weight. The add-on presence of fibers is a big plus for healthy heart also.

#9 Peanut butter

This also contains carbs and other essential vitamins. This can be taken with brown bread. You can take it before going to work out.

#10 Cottage cheese

Last but not the least, cottage cheese is also best for gaining healthy fats. It contains casein and proteins. It is also a high caloric food.

So, that’s our top picks. If you want to gain healthy weight, you must keep some points in your mind. Now, carbs are the primary source of fuel to our body. You must have to take extra calories daily. Carbs intake must be double then protein intake in case of gaining muscle mass. In, the nutshell you should go for high calorie, carb rich diet to gain muscle weight. So, that all from Top 10 food to gain body weight. For more like this, Stay Connected.