What to eat to gain strength and muscle?

In the fast progressing world of twenty-first century, time and strength has become the most necessary elements in a person’s life. Yet the progress and the competition are making these two elements unachievable slowly with the passing ages.

Gyms are gaining importance for the construction of strength and muscles with the help of various machines. Yet people are turning towards junk and unhealthy foods to save time. This is creating a massive problem in the healthy lifestyle of the cosmopolites, sucking strength and health out of them.

Hiring a fitness expert or hitting gym regularly, help in building strength and muscle. The nutritionists also provide adequate advises for building up strength and muscle. There are several body exercises that help in generating these. However these are not enough. Strenuous exercises should always be accompanied by proper foods and lifestyles for building up strength. The basic foundations to build both strength and muscle are-

  • Adequate sleep is absolutely necessary for both strength and muscle.
  • A proper meal time with scheduled meal routine and quantity is necessary
  • Water and fluids should be taken in large quantities throughout the day irrespective of the season
  • Activities in all forms are required

For building up strength and muscle, there are various exercises that are required to be done under the strict guidance of an instructor. It is to be noted that a person has to be extremely patient as it requires continuous efforts to shape one’s body up. Having the advised meals in large quantities and doing the exercises for the whole day will not help in building either strength or muscle. Rather it will have a completely opposite effect and will harm the body. Therefore certain meals are to be followed with patience and hard works.

For building up muscle and strength-

  • Have lots of proteins and protein shakes. Proteins are the chief constituents of muscles therefore protein in large quantities should have to be present in all the meals of the day.
  • Meals rich in carbohydrates and glycogens should also be taken.
  • Exercises and activities should be done regularly, at least twice a day under the guidance of the fitness instructor.
  • Sleep is extremely important.
  • It is better to avoid high calorie food.
  • Breakfast should be eaten regularly.
  • At an interval of three hours meals should be taken.
  • It is advised to eat whole food for most of the time.
  • Protein intake may include eggs (whole), whey, red meat, chicken and dairy products.
  • Water and other fluid intake should be in large quantities. However avoid the intake of water during workout or activity sessions.
  • Fats should not altogether be avoided. Therefore saturated fats like fishy oil, flax seeds, real butter should be taken.
  • Vegetables in all meals are also very important.

Other than the scheduled meals, there are some basic exercises like squats, leg presses, front squats, leg curls, leg extensions, dumbbell lunges and a lot more. These are either done with the machines without them. They help in building both strength and muscles. The exercises should be done with proper intensity and the rest period should be scheduled. Yogas are extremely beneficial for proper strength, muscle and a healthy lifestyle. A regular practice of yoga is absolutely necessary besides the workouts in gym.