How Many Eggs are Safe to Eat in a Day

How many Egg whites are safe in a day

How Many Eggs are Safe to Eat in a Day – Today we are going to tell you about the main question that everyone arises in our blog that How many eggs are safe to take in a single day? Now many young people like to grow their muscle, while some want to lose fat, have ripped body and have different goals regarding their body.  Eggs are there in almost every guy’s diet who use to workout. Because these are the cheapest source of protein, and after removing the yolk from it then they are the best lean protein providing food.

Now, our body can absorb protein up to some limit. After that no matter how much protein present in our body. It is going to be wasted and also lead to increase in fat. So as per the maturity of the muscle and the workout level. Eggs must be incorporated in our diet. So how many and in how many servings these should be taken? Your answer to this question is given below:


 Eggs contain protein and fats. We are talking about egg whites, i.e., protein only.  Its consumption all depends on your diet plan or your goal. You can have 6-8 eggs during a single serving.

One egg contains 4 gm of protein. Now if you are taking six egg whites in a single serving then you are having 24gm of protein from them which is similar to one scoop of whey protein.

Nutritional Facts: 100gm of a whole egg contains:

Cholesterol 373 mg   (almost 124%) Sodium- 124 mg    (5) %
Potassium -126 mg     (3%) Total Carbohydrate- 1.1 g
Vitamin D-    21%     Vitamin B-12-    18%    Magnesium    2%
Vitamin A    10% Vitamin B-6    5%

How many Egg whites are safe in a day?

Now, you can take it after 3 hours, or you can add these in your daily meals. Like in one day you can have three or four servings in a day like 6-6-6-6. If you are a beginner, then you can have only six eggs a single serving. If you are at the advanced level, then ten eggs are more than enough. It all depends on your daily diet whether you are taking protein from any other source like whey protein, fish or meat then you can make eggs in fewer amounts. If you are not taking all of the above things, then more eggs can be incorporated into the diet.


Egg without yolk: Eat only white eggs because yolk contains saturated fat, the bad cholesterol. The yolk should be eliminated strictly. Only two whole eggs are enough for a day, but not more than two because it will surpass the maximum bad cholesterol value. You can have a look above at the nutrition facts that 100gm of the whole egg contains 373 mg of cholesterol which is very dangerous for the heart and can lead to increase in blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problem.

Drink more water:

To consume eggs and food properly, add water to your diet. Water is essential if you are taking more number of eggs in a day for the proper absorption and digestion. It will help in the proper fetching of protein from eggs and in the removal of waste from the body. If in case water intake becomes less than it can further lead to kidney problems.

So, that was all about how many eggs are safe for a day. For more health tips like this, please Stay connected 🙂