10 Food Items To Get Healthy Teeth & Gums

Food Items To Get Healthy Teeth & Gums

We all must be knowing that having sugar is awful for our teeth. This is because of bacteria in the mouth which transforms the sugar and carbohydrates into acids which attack our enamel causing decay problem. So, here are foods that are good for your teeth and avoids the risk of cavities in your teeth:

10 Food Items To Get Healthy Teeth & Gums

1.Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens make their way onto any healthy foods.These leafy veggies contain vitamins and minerals having low calories in it.Leafy Greens such as Kale and Spinach promote oral health.They are rich in calcium content which helps in building teeth’s enamel.They also consist of folic acid which is a type of vitamin B that countless health comforts including treating gum diseases in pregnant women.If you are now getting Green leafy easily, then just add a small amount of baby spinach in your salad.


ADA(American Dental Association) approves the clear guide of sweet foods, but there are some exceptional cases. Fruits as Apples might be sweet but is rich in fiber and water.The movement of eating an apple makes saliva in your mouth which washes away the bacteria and food particles. The fiber texture of the fruit also refreshes the gums.Eating an apple will not be as same as brushing the teeth but will turn you o have a chance for the rush.


Carrots are crunchy and have high fiber content similar to apples.Eating raw carrots at the end of your meal will expand your saliva production in your mouth which reduces the risk of cavities in your teeth.Providing excess of fiber, I t is also a great source of vitamin A. Always have carrots in your salad or enjoy a handful of raw carrots.


Celery might get a poor name for being unflavored, watery and also of those pesky fibers but like carrots and apples, I t reacts a bit like toothbrush, sweeping food particles and bacteria away from your teeth.


Almonds are substantial for your teeth as they are a very good source of calcium and protein while providing you low sugar content.You can have almonds in your salad or take away the handful of almonds and have it with your lunch.
Along with adding more leafy veggies, dairy products and fibrous veggies always concentrate on what type of liquid you are in-taking. Since it contains no calories or sugar, water is always the best pick contrast to juices or soda.


Both the black and green teas contain compounds in them called polyphenols that reduce the growth of bacteria linked with cavities and gum disease.They also hamper the breathing.Green Tea contains catechins that eliminates the bacteria leading to plaque while reducing gum diseases and cavities.


Genuinely, sweet raisins contain phytochemicals like oleanolic acid that obstructs two species of oral bacteria to prevent cavities and gum disease.Unsweetened cranberries contain polyphenols which may keep plaque from inserting to teeth which reduce the risk of cavities.

8.Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seed is high in calcium content and preserves the bone around the teeth and gums.They also help discard plaque while in building tooth enamel.


Onions have powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds making them tremendous for oral health.They are very strongest when eaten fresh and uncooked.

10. Cheese

Cheese is rich in phosphate and calcium.Cheese helps counteract the acid in the mouth killing all the bacteria and preserving tooth enamel.This prevents from cavities and gum diseases.