Morning Motivation: 7 Tips for working out in the morning..!

Priorities are necessary to be set in our lives because without them we cannot get our work done. Several other things such as work, family etc often comes into the way of person health.

We must not let a long hectic schedule to interfere with our workout routine so we must practice exercise early in the morning in order to take care of our health and most importantly to make a healthy work-life balance.

In this article, have a look at 7 tips which you can incorporate into your early morning workout to have benefits.

1. Pack accordingly and get to bed early

Every evening make a habit of packing things in your bag accordingly which you will need for the morning because in the morning you will not make enough time to collect the things and pack your bag. You must wake up in the morning and in just 10 minutes make sure that you are out of your door.

2. Keep the alarm away from your bed

The hardest part of the morning workout is the physical act of getting your body out of the body. For this purpose keep your alarm away from your bed so that you have to wake up to turn it off. Trust me; once you get out of the bed you will surely complete the 50 percent of the workout.

3. Set two alarms

You must set two alarms. The first alarm should be of 15 minutes earlier which will prepare you in advance that you have to wake up in some time. This two-alarm funda works in almost every situation and aids in waking up early. In the morning, try to practice meditation for about 10 minutes in starting.

4. Imagine you waking up early and working out

Yes, at first it may seem to be a crazy idea of just imagining you waking up early to work out and enjoying it but trust me imagination has a lot of power. So we advise you to, think about waking up to your alarm and feeling energized just for some time before going to bed. After that, imagine that you are getting ready and having a great workout. If you do this on a regular basis then you can transform this imagination into reality for sure.

5. Pre-Plan Your Pre-Workout Meal

Studies have shown that more calories in your body fuel up and provide energy to your muscles before a workout. So, for this purpose plan your pre-workout meal the night before only as it will save your time the next morning.

Some of the suggested ingredients:

  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Chia seeds,
  • Whey protein
  • Almond milk
  • Berries

6. Start with Exercises You Enjoy and Recruit A Partner

It is not always necessary to perform rigorous exercise every morning rather you will be more likely to get out of your bed if you perform exercises that you enjoy. It can be any sort of physical activity such as a long walk, bike ride, and yoga sessions or if you like you can even go to the gym. The best way to stick to your routine is to enjoy your workout time with a partner.

7. Don’t beat yourself up

Don’t beat yourself up in case you are unable to wake up any morning. You can exercise over lunch or even in the evening also. You are the boss of your life, don’t torture yourself over anything.

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