Beat the Heat with Summer Nutrition Tips

Is the summer heat sinking deeper into your body and burning you from within?? Occasional rains bring more grief than relief as soon after the rains settle, layers of humidity envelop the air.  Along with the growing pollution summer is nearly hell outdoors.

Over the past few years, due to global warming summer has become intolerant in India. This has become indicative of a brutal summer approaching this season. As the summer heat burns us down, most of us prefer to stay indoors. But does this really solve the problem?? No staying indoors doesn’t help cool your body.Are you worried how to beat the summer heat this season?? It is now time to find other ways to naturally cool your body.

Summer Nutrition Tips to Cool Down your Body

As soon as the summer heat sets in we resort to applying wet rags on our forehead or taking cold showers to cool down our body. But it is not always a good idea to wet your head frequently especially for those suffering from cold and asthma. Also another important reason being too much water on your skin surface stops sweat evaporation. This acts as a negative factor in cooling your body down. Following are simple nutrition tips to cool down your body.

1} Eat smaller and frequent meals

The best way to lose weight, stay healthy and keep your body cool is eat smaller and frequent meals during the day. Start the morning with a light fruit such as melons, pears, peaches and plums. You can also include citrus fruits in between your meals.

2} Include Salads in every meal

Include veggies like cucumber, corn, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots in your daily diet to stay cool. These veggies are high in water content and has an internal cooling effect in the body. Onions too are known to be great for summer as they have the ability to cool down the body and cure summer ailments.

3} Add Hot Spices

You may be surprised to know that hot spices actually play a role in cooling your body down. Hot spices like black pepper and ginger make the food really hot for you and then gradually bring down your internal body heat.

4} Sip Green Tea

Green tea is known to be the elixir of life. It is light and has a soothing effect on the body. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants that prevent cellular damage caused by sun’s rays.

5} Drink Adequate Water

No matter what you eat or drink, water is the best drink for your body in any season. Water doesn’t contain any sugar or calories and does no harm to your body. Water instantly replenishes your body fluid and makes you feel energized. Drink water even if you do not feel thirsty as this prevents you from getting dehydrated.

6} Wear Cotton Clothes

Wear loose cotton clothes to aid evaporation of sweat and protect skin from Sun’s harmful rays. Also wear a hat to protect the heat from penetrating your head.

7} Stay indoors

Try avoiding stepping outdoors in peak summer heat of the day. Enjoy outdoor activities to slightly cool parts of the day- early morning before 10 A.M and evening after 5 P.M are the ideal times to set out.

Most of us resort to cold drinks and aerated beverages. Strictly avoid these as they are high in sugar content and they interfere with sweating and digestion. This alters the body’s normal cooling mechanisms. Follow these simple tips mentioned above and cool your body from within! This summer don’t fear the heat.