Is Bread Bad For Your Health or Not?

Bread Bad For Health

Now, everyone knows that refined grains or white bread do not contain any vitamins or minerals. They are not nutritious. Dietitians and the nutritionist encouraged the people to use the whole grain food items.

Now many nutritionists and the health professionals claim that bread and the other sources of gluten are harmful to our health. Now, here below is the list of facts about the bread.

Bread can spike sugar levels and are high in carb:

  • Now, the whole grain bread is not made from whole grain naturally. The starch presents inside the bread broke down and entered the blood stream as glucose, this lead to a spike in blood sugar levels and the insulin levels. It is proven that whole bread spikes blood sugar quickly than the regular candy bars.
  • Initially, the blood sugar goes up quickly and it then it comes down quickly as well which lead to hunger in our body. This sounds familiar to the people who are on high carb diet. As soon as they finish the food after some time, they tend to feel hungry again.

Gluten content in bread:

  • Now, the wheat contains a right amount of protein called gluten, as the name goes it has some glue-like properties. As per the research, it is found that a huge percentage of people all sensitive to the gluten.
  • When we have bread which contains gluten, then the immune system in our body attacks the gluten first.
  • Gluten also damages the wall of digestive tract causing tiredness, stool inconsistency, pain and bloating.
  • If you want to know whether your body is sensitive to gluten or not, just do one thing, remove gluten from your diet for one month and then re-introduce it and see whether it affects your body or not.

Other harmful ingredients in bread:

  • Now, many types bread contains different ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, a sugar similar to the other processed foods.
  • Now, sugar has also some various health related issues also. If you have excess sugar intake, then you are likely to have some health problems like high BP, diabetes.
  • Some bread may also contain phytic acid which is a molecule which binds the minerals like zinc, iron, calcium and then prevents them from being absorbed.

Low in essential nutrients:

  • Now, as you all are familiar with the nutritional facts of the bread that it does not contain any essential nutrients or minerals. Even the whole bread is not nutritious. Now, it is not only deficient in nutrients, but it also reduces the absorption of nutrients from other food also.

The increase in bad cholesterol:

  • Whole wheat raises the bad cholesterol inside our body. It raises LDL cholesterol to about 60% of our body; this can lead to many heart-related problems, this may also be able to cause many unrelated health concerns.
  • In research, 36 men were formed into some groups. They have been given whole wheat cereal and whole wheat Oat and asked to pick one to eat.
  • After 12 weeks, researchers measured the blood lipid levels. In the results was proved that whole cereal decreased the dense LDL by 60% and total LDL by 8%.

Now, if you want to have bread in your diet, then you can choose for gluten free bread. Either you can drop the idea of having bread. Now, for more health tips. Stay Connected 