List of Top Fruits to Lose Body Fat

Fruits to lose Fat

Fruits to Lose Body Fat – Fruits and vegetables are very helpful for our body. These must be there in your diet in all the servings of the day. When we are talking about fat loss, then our whole calorie intake is taken into consideration. It means that we should have a caloric deficient diet. Body fat also depends upon macros present in the food items, from which food items we are taking macros, what are the nutrients we are getting from that food items. So, here we are providing some of the selected fruits which you can incorporate in your nutrition plan to help in lose fat.

Top Fruits to Lose Body Fat


 It is available in every country in full 12 months. You must have these in your diet. These are low in calories. It contains vitamin-C which is essential for fat loss. During the fat loss, you must have 80gm of Vitamin-C daily. If you are taking one orange in a day, then it is more than enough for a single day. Vitamin-C is crucial for our immune system. It helps in boosting up the immune system. During fat loss energy is created by Vitamin-c and also helps our body against illness. It should also be there in your daily diet.

47 calories in 100gm of Oranges.

Potassium 181 mg    5% Total Carbohydrate 12 g    4%
Dietary Fiber 2.4 g    9% Sugar 9 g    
Protein 0.9 g    1% Vitamin A    4%    
Calcium    4%      Magnesium    2%
Vitamin B-6    5% Vitamin C    88%

Timings: You can have it for Lunch, Dinner, or evening snack. You can also have it in pre-workout meal


 It is also available in each and every country for the whole year, As there is famous quote also ” An apple a day keeps the doctor away ” It is rich in fibers due to which our stomach will be felt like almost. So, you don’t have to eat again and again. It is a low-calorie meal. It contains many minerals and irons and helps in restricting insulin spike. Iron that helps in balancing blood sugar levels is also there in it. It is also rich in antioxidants.

52 calories are there in 100 gm of apple.

Sodium 1 mg    0% Potassium 107 mg    3%
Total Carbohydrate 14 g    4% Dietary Fiber 2.4 g    9%
Sugar 10 g     Protein 0.3 g    0%
Vitamin A    1%    Vitamin C    7% Vitamin C    7%
Magnesium    1%

Timings: You can have it for breakfast or an add-on to some snack like by using it with peanut butter.


 It includes different berries like:

  •    Blueberries
  •    Raspberries
  •    Strawberries
  •    Blackberries

These are expensive and also not available in particular areas in some countries like India. It is very powerful food. It is obviously our top pick of the different fat lose fruit items.


 It is full of anti-oxidants which help in removing toxins. These toxins cause problems in our body. Pomegranate helps in killing these toxins and helps in building powerful immune system. You must have this in your diet. It is very helpful for fat loss. It is high caloric food and can be used in minimal amount.

Potassium 236 mg    6% Total Carbohydrate 19 g    6%
Dietary Fiber 4 g    16% Sugar 14 g    
Protein 1.7 g    3% Vitamin A    0%    
Calcium    1%    Iron    1% Vitamin B-6    5%
Magnesium    3% Vitamin C    17%

Timings: You can have it at any time of the day except night.

Other than these you can also have the banana, pineapple, and guava. But these contain some added nutrients also. If you are taking more fruits, then it will restrict your body in fat lose. To lose fat carb intake must be less and these fruits contain more carbs.

As fruits are essential for everyone i.e. child, youngster or old age people. So, that’s all from the list of fruits that can help in reducing your body fat. For more health tips like this, Stay Connected