Top 10 Food Items Rich In Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates Food

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. Today I will be going to tell you the top 10 picks of mine. So, what I am going to do is. I am providing you some practical knowledge by which you people will be able to tell anyone, that what are carbohydrates and how they are helpful for our body. Now here down is all about the carbohydrates.


These are like the main engine oil of the body. These provide fuel to our body. These are two types:

1) Complex Carbohydrates: These are those type of carbs that slowly digests in your body and provide energy to your body for a longer period.
2) Simple Carbohydrates: These are those type of carbohydrates that are highly digestive and take a very minimal amount of time to digest. These provide instant energy to the body.

Top 10 food items rich in carbohydrates:

All the carbohydrates sources contain a lot of fiber, because you need a 25gm-35gm amount of fiber every day, for your digestive system. Now, what fiber do is, This does not let your blood pressure spike. It helps in controlling your blood pressure helps in making it stable. So, the fiber must be there in your diet. So, here I am going to list all the right sources of carbohydrates:

1) Oat Meal

This is the best breakfast for you. It provides energy for all of your days. It is a type of complex carbohydrates. You must take it in your lunch.

2) Cereals

food rich in purine

By this means, Whole grain cereal. You must remember Whole grain cereal should be there; you must check the ingredients of the pack. There is no need to purchase cornflakes. Do, not purchase anything rich in sodium.

3) Whole Grain Bread

A full whole grain bread contains 20gm of carbohydrates. Pease does not use white bread. It does not contain any proteins and carbs and nutrients. Only use whole grain bread.

4) Sweet Potato

There is a difference between a regular potato and sweet potato. Sweet potato is one of the best forms of complex carbohydrates. Sweet potato is the best and the cheapest carbohydrates. Your body needs more complex carbohydrates. You will never get ill if you eat complex carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes contain a right amount of healthy protein. Hash brown potatoes contain 355 of proteins, and 28% are there in the French fries.

5) Whole Grain Brown Rice

It is full of nutrients. It contains all the necessary nutrients and fibers which are very helpful or our body. Nothing is extracted from it. Brown rice contains 38gms of carbohydrates per bowl.

6) Pasta

Pasta should be whole grain, whole wheat. Please do not take white pasta because that are simple carbs. We need complex carbs so; we can get complex carbs from whole grain pasta. 97gm of carbs are provided by 3 cups of sphaeritid pasta.

7) Fruits

Fruits to lose Fat
Fruits to lose Fat

Many of the fruits contain carbohydrates like apple, watermelon, banana. Like one banana contains 24gm of carbs. These also contain sodium and potassium.

8) Vegetables

Carbohydrates Food

Peas, acorn squash, and asparagus are some of the plants which contain all some amount of carbohydrates. These contain around 30gm of carbs.

9) Cookies and cakes

Now, as all the cookies and cakes are made from flours. So, cookies and jams do contain carbohydrates. It solely depends upon the amount of flour used in the cookies. But cookies contains around 75% of carbs.

10) Sweet Jam

The jams also contain around 65-75% of carbs. It solely depends on whether the jam is dry or not.

So, here in a nutshell, if you want to live longer and healthier, you must eat complex carbs, which I have already told you, i.e., slow digesting carbs. Because we do not need energy instantly, we need endless energy. A simple form of carbohydrates provides energy immediately, but also spikes our insulin level and increases fat. That,s all about carb good items. For more health tips, stay connected.