10 Food Items That Can Increase Height

Food Items That Can Increase Height

Increase Height – Having a short height make you uncomfortable even for reaching cabinets. So, to become a model and for makeup with the perks of being short, option there is a list of foods to grow taller that works.

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Food Items That Can Increase Height

1. Chicken

If you are stressful for your height after the age of 25, then chicken is one of the best options in this case. Chicken is considered as one of the best natural sources of protein which helps in the building of tissues and muscles of your body. A person who is trying to be taller must consume at least 500 grams of chicken daily to have high-quality of proteins.

2. Soy Bean

Soybean is also yet another nutritious food that helps in body heighten when consumed in your daily diet.Soybean is a rich source of proteins, folate, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates which are the complete set of food for improving the overall growth of your body. The protein in soybean improves bone and tissue mass and density which is very much a necessity for increasing your height. Intake at least 50 to 55 grams of soybean daily.You can add baked or boiled soybeans in your salads or can consume in the way of soy milk and tofu.


Banana pays no attention in case of weight watchers and health conscious people as bananas are helpful for weight gaining.But in real situations, it gives us many benefits. The banana hair mask recipe is very good for hair conditioning and is also an excellent fruit for height increment.Having a rich source of minerals like potassium, manganese and calcium and healthy probiotic bacteria, bananas help in boosting height in a variety of ways. The potassium in the bananas helps in protecting of bones and teeth from weakening and also neutralizes the bad impact of sodium on bones. The calcium in the bananas reduces the thinning of bones and helps to build stronger bones.

4. Oatmeal

Similar to soybean, Oatmeal is also an amazing vegetarian source of protein which helps in height increment and boosting muscle mass. These are rich in protein and so help in repairing of bones and tissues and also helps in the building of new tissues. The amino acids in protein help for perfect growth and functioning of human body.A person should have at least 50 grams of oatmeal in a breakfast meal.

5.Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds are not just mouth-watering snacks, but they also help in increasing height effectively. Like peanuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds, flax seeds also contain essential minerals for your body, healthy fats and amino acids help in repairing the body tissues and even builds up the new tissues. The nutrients in these nuts and seeds help in growth by reviving the growth hormones in the body. So add them to your salads, smoothies and another yogurt for a crunchy treat.

6.Leafy Green Vegetables

One of the first food to increase height is freshly leaf vegetable which includes all of the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and dietary fibers that help in height increment by stimulating the growth hormones in your body.Some of the vegetables for consumption are spinach, collard greens, broccoli, peas, okra, etc.


Fish is also one of the first food for growth. Fishes like salmon, tuna are the rich source of proteins and vitamin D i.e. both of which are necessary for the increase in height. Foods were rich in vitamin D like fish aids in soaking of calcium from other food sources that help in growth and development of your body. Proteins help in repairing the tissues of the body and even prevents bone erosion that is caused by rough wear and tear.